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Community Health Data Base
An Information Service of the Philadelphia Health Management Corporation

Welcome to the Data Corner, where you'll find downloadable quick-reference data from the US Census, Vital Statistics and Household Health Survey.

· Map of Infrequent Internet Use among Older Adults by Philadelphia Planning Analysis District (2010)

· Map of Adults Without a Regular Source of Care by Philadelphia Planninig Analysis District (2010)

· Age-Adjusted Mortality Indicators by County (2005-2008)

· Population Totals: Age, Race and Gender by County (2010)

· Mortality and Pregnancy Indicators by County (2005-2008)

· Natality Indicators by County (2005-2008)

· Map of Smokers in SEPA by County (2008)

· Map of Uninsured Adults by Philadelphia Neighborhood (2008) (8/18/2010)

· Map of Uninsured Adults in SEPA by County (2008) (07/28/2010)

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