New Data Findings

    The Uninsured in SEPA: Latest Data from CHDB's 2015 SEPA Household Health Survey

    Since 1983, the Household Health Survey has tracked key health indicators for Philadelphia and for the region as a whole. PHMC's Community Health Data Base (CHDB) conducted the latest SEPA Household Health Survey in the winter of 2014-2015. The data reveals some changes across the region in access to health insurance over the last 10 years.   Read More>>



    PHMC Health Network: PHMC Care Clinic

    This month, the Community Health Data Base would like to spotlight The ‘PHMC Care Clinic’. Now a part of PHMC’s network of health centers (5 FHQCs), PHMC Care Clinic serves communities in North Philadelphia that have significant healthcare disparities. ‘Beyond Care’ is the PHMC health network’s commitment to offering a holistic, patient-centered approach to quality careRead more>>


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